Three committed (or should be committed) filmmakers set out one summer to collaborate on a project that would alter the way they perceived film making, their lives and the nature of art itself.

Creative partners, Gordon Currie ( The Woods, Left Behind, The Sentinel, Friday the 13th)and Andrew Kenneth Martin ( You Belong To Me, Train 48, Relic Hunter, Queer as Folk) were fused into one mind, both writing, directing and editing the film. Andrew shot while Gordon boomed, attached to the camera with a sonic umbilical cord. For weeks these two were literally inseparable.

Add to the mix Andrika Lawren ( Much Music, HGTV), who not only produced this labyrinth of a film, but darted in and out of the camera’s frame with a grounded performance as the metaphorical filmmaker.

This eclectic stream of consciousness feature was as unique in the making as the film is it's self. A true fusion of fiction and reality. Using a mythical fictional character to structure the story and allowing real people and fictional cast to interact with “Magnus” Andrew and Gordon guided the cast through the scripted scenes to reveal fascinating improvisations which could be later assembled to mesh with the story and themes explored. The film is richly layered with many explorer themes: the nature of art, coming of age, life and death, the history of the western esoteric mystical tradition,and conspiracy lore – you know…all the good ones. What else could Magnus be, but a wickedly absurd, thought provoking and just down right funny mockumentary- meant to be digested on many levels, as many times as needed.

Andrew, Gordon and Andrika drew from an amazing pool of homegrown Canadian talent from various disciplines. Local and still undiscovered actors openly worked alongside the film making to create a rich cross section of talent. Real life Toronto based visual artists coloured the film with their craft and fused their creations with Magnus Opus’s fictional world. Incredibly diverse musicians from across the country contributed their sound scapes to create a unique and killer soundtrack meant to enforce and entertain.

With over 100 artist contributions Magnus Opus is a truly collective creation and is exactly what it should be…………a film unlike anything ever seen. It seems that a mockumentary investigating the nature of art...found itself.



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