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Credits, actors, magnus opus
Andrika Lawren,Thanos Tripi,Kamran Hesari,Peter Nelson,Liza Fromer, Steven Edgar, Atilla Szany, Paul Kocky, Bron Laviolette, Roger Caprice, Ryna Schickler, Jody Hewston, Walter Boscariol,
Al Polo, Ryan Lewis, Vincent Rother, Dave Tompa, Rod RossenbergKevin Robinson,Michael William Paul,Melissa Moore,Tim Maclean,Beth Horton, Tooraj Hesari,Les King,Julia Cohen, Robert Rains, Dan Grant, Steven Boldovich, Rose Ann Zeibart
, Daniel Katz, Christy Jackson, Hans Hammersfeld, David Denison, Rebekah Boisvert, Evie Walton, David McCormick, Sandra Sergovic, Anna Sapone, Paul McGrath, Stephan Blizzard, David Bronfman,Jason Little
, Justin Little, Michael Cheetham, Melanie Janisse,Tim Gentle,Angel Carrillo, Kathleena Howie,Trisha Lahde,Iona Rose MacKay, Amy Lewis, Brad Down, Dwayne Williams, Sean Kosa,Sean Henderson, Martin Knelman,Michael Posthumas,Gail Tako,Jason Stutz,
Anton Arulanandam,Roger Doche, Nathalie Nadon,Benjamin Kissell,
Erik Buchanan Robert Mitchell Nicholas Oddson
David McCormick Kevin Robinson Devin Upham
Devin Upham Janaid Khan Rahael Cortina
Andrika Boshyk Rob Harris Luke McCulloch
Robert Anderson Christine Evan Isaac Elatrash
Melicia Allicock Juan C. CortinDavid Hammersfeld
Yulia Rosenburg Arlynne Poitras Greg Chown
Natalia Lalka Mark Tundo Anabel Grant
Seth Martinuik Toba Hammersfeld David Headrick
Natalia Lalka Jurgen Suman Brian Froud
Davina Joseph Christine EvansRobert AndersonJulia Cohen Brad Down,Pino Halili, Stephen Cabana, Bodega, Tara Rce, Blue Screen, Vile Richard, Noah23, Kip Harness,Battlestar, The Meligrove band, Elevator, Large. Andrew Kenneth Martin, Gordon currie,
andrika lawren.



Magnus Opus the Movie This hilarious improvised feature film is a unique �documentally' following the exploits of an avant garde performance artist named Magnus, as he unleashes his Magnum Opus on an unsuspecting arts community. Wickedly absurd, darkly clever and downright shocking, this in-depth look at a tormented artist and the diverse commentary from the people around him, asks some relevant questions about the nature of art, spirituality and perception. An eccentric cast of disciples surrounds our messianic artist. Some are zealots, some are critics but all have an opinion. Collectively, they provide the multiple personalities needed to flush out this entertaining expose about this enigmatic artisan and the world which forsakes him. With a killer Canadian independent soundtrack and edgy, fast paced visual style, Magnus Opus is diabolic romp through the psyche of us all. What is your Magnus Opus? Watch the film. Gordon Currie from the Left Behind series a christian feature film. Gordon Currie plays the devil in the Left Behind series for Christians. Magnus opus is a film for those who like conspiracy, illuminati, comedy, improvised, mockumentaries, occult, esoteric, wiccan, paganism, the left path, magick, alestier crowley, mystiscm. Three committed or should be filmmakers set out one summer to collaborate on a project that would alter the way they perceived the craft, their lives and the nature of art itself. Creative partners, Gordon Currie and Andrew Kenneth Martin had worked together before but Magnus posed new an exciting creative challenges. Andrew and Gordon were fussed into one mind, both writing, directing and editing the film. Andrew DOP'd while Gordon boomed, attached to the camera with a sonic umbilical cord, for weeks these two were literarily inseparable. Add to the mix, the lovely and talented Andrika Lawren, who produced a hell of a film for under 10,000 dollars, while darting in and out of the camera's frame bestowing the film with a grounded performance as the metaphorical filmmaker, this well oiled triad created a feature film whose process was as unique as the film itself. The creative triumbrant endured hours of writing, casting, pre-pro, shooting and capped it all off with the daunting task off widdling 82 hours of excellent improvised footage down to 90 minutes. In the end, all three relationships remain in tact but all agree never to do that again. Andrika Lawren, designer, much music, HGTV, My Parents house, produced and starred in this feature film. Many, many bands were involved with this incedible soundtrack. LARGE �Chew Are Dee Mang� FLOATING WORLD �Outsider� �Man Enough� THE HYOZOISTS �The Hyozoists� �The Iron Chef� Noah23 �Digestive Enzymes' JEEBUSS WINDMILL �The Hurry� THE ORANGE ALABASTER MUSHROOM �Your face is in My Mind� �WE ARE The Orange Alabaster Mushroom� �Sunny Day� AKUMU �Drum n� Drummer� JOHN HARISSON Vivaldi�s �Spring� �Summer� �Winter� ELEVATOR �My Library In The Weeds� �Uncover� WAKING EYES �New Rising Sun� MELIGROVE �Monkey Mask� EXPLODERS �Put On Your Wig� �The New Math� AGRICULTUR CLUB �Evil Man� �Devils Roam The Earth� EROS EMSEMBLE �Groove7intro� RWPO [royal Winnipeg porn orchestra] �Smokin� Cigarettes� PARADISE LOST �People Before Profit� BODEGA �Barcelona� SULLY �Point Taken� HOLZKOPF �For Certain� �Nicht Gekehrt Worden Sind� TWO MINUTE MIRACLE �Slow Down� [porch remix] TARA RICE �Madness� A LUNA RED �Blood and Muscle� BLUE SCREEN �Blue Hoax Remix� RICE �Tranfalmadoria� CHRIS FIELD �Going Down Again� PAUL COPELAND Vivaldi�s �FALL�