Beginning his career in the arts at the National Ballet School of Canada in 1983, Andrew Kenneth Martin continues to creatively contribute his talents on and off screen. A working actor for over ten years Andrew's on screen credits include, You Belong To Me starring alongside Shannon Elizabeth, Christian Campbell, Lucas from the long running television show Train 48, guest apperances on Relic Hunter, Adventure Inc, Mutant X and Queer as Folk.

Behind the camera Andrew blurs the roles of Producing, Writing and Directing working to push the limits of conventional filmmaking. His unique visual style began in film school at the University of Western Ontario and Sheridan College. Afterwards, Andrew began working diligently on set; commercials, music videos, feature films and television. Eventually he came to direct the dark erotic thrillerThe Colleague, where he experimented with the maximum potential of the emerging digital technology. Since this debut, he has continued to be involved with all facets of the filmmaking process (especially passionate about Independent cinema), challenging himself and others which led to his first feature creation, MAGNUS OPUS. This improvised feature film is a hilarious, “off the wall serious” mockcumentary about a tortured performance artist and his messianic mission to inspire the world of art. Magnus Opus received an official selection at the Philadelphia Film Festival and and winner of the REEL INDIE AWARD at the Canadian Filmmakers festival in Toronto 2006.

Next Andrew directed and DOP’d an experimental music video for Raoul and the Big Time,COLD OUTSIDE, which has been getting regular rotation on COOL TV.

 Andrew’s directorial talents and vision have gained him employment in the television medium, where he moved behind the camera directingTrain 48 for Protocol Entertainment and Global Television. Here his acting experience and directing skills were wonderfully fussed together and applied to this innovate improvised TV series. Next he lent his vision to Chris and John’s Road Trip an amusing, half hour reality road show debuting in 2005 on OUT TV. Andrew thrived in this run and gun, faced paced shooing environment where anything can happen and usual does.

Andrew’s experiences in many areas of the industry have enhanced his ability to formulate an overall vision for a project, seeing the big picture clearly. After optioning a script to Random Harvest in the UK in 2003, Andrew is working on his 3rd feature film script. Along with this, Andrew has been deeply involved in Digital cinematography. Before his additional cinematography and editing duties on Magnus Opus, Andrew lent his cinematographic skills to a feature film entitled Redeemed Believer’s BanquetHall, a dark comedy directed by Allison Smith/SIO Media Productions, released in 2004.

Recently, Andrew moved into New Media, directing and DOP'ing an series of interactive flash videos; and for ARI Films international. These edutainment video's incorporate cutting edge visual techniques, animated and live action video into a integrated web delivery interface which Andrew art directed as well. Andrew is current working on the Making Of Documentary for Bruce MacDonald's new feature film Ponty Pool.



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