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agnus Opus The Movie, mangus opus the feature film, is a conspiracy movie for all those who like comedy
illuminati, christ conspiracy, mockumentaries, davinci code, artists, Dan Brown, occult, films from Toronot. Andrew Martin, Gordon Currie,
Andrika Lawren from Much in Your Space, HGTV created a film that is dark, clever, conspiratorial, occult, improv, comedic, funny,
artist, Canadian. Thanos Tripi, Liza Fromer from city tv star in this hillarious look at the art world, fine art, perfomance art,
modern art and artists. Painting, sculpture, graffitti, fighting, performance art are cleverly woven in this feature film, that is funny,
occult, spiritual, religious, jesus christ like, evil and sexy. Andrew Kenneth Martin directs, with Gordon Currie from Left Behind, Alive, The Chris Issac show,
The Sentinal, Beverly Hills 90210 also directs. Andrika Lawren designer and actror from Toronto and George Brown College produces and Art Directs this
film about a conspiracy and the greatest story ever sold. Call it magnus opus, magnum opus, the great work, the freemasonic freemasonry, the new age comdey,
the train 48 star, art critic, modern art, ontario college of art underground independent art film. This art film is hip, cool and funny.